Spain Football Team: A Good Striker to Spain Side

An extremely excellent forward is too good as a substitute in the opening line-up. Up to now, no one has won more scores in the Bundesliga this season than the Spanish international Paco Alcácer, who also plays for the national football team in Spain football shirt.

Rankings of all Bundesliga have changed since the last day of last season. At the end of Jupp Heynckes’s managerial career, Bayern Munich ended the game with an overwhelming 4-1 defeat to Stuttgart. When they won the league title for the sixth successive, they scored 21 points more than the runner-up. Failing behind the current leader Borussia Dortmund, Bayern Munich ranks the fourth among all Bundesliga football clubs.

Considering the current situation, Borussia Dortmund needs introduce new approaches this summer, and the team ushered out the former manager Peter Stöger and ushered in the new manager Lucien Favre. The current manager once created miracles with both Hertha Berlin and Borussia Mönchengladbach. Prior to saving Borussia Mönchengladbach away from relegation in 2011, the competent manager took Hertha Berlin from the 10th place to the fourth place. Then he also helped the game save the fourth-place at the end of next season.

In 2014-2015 season, Favre worked with the Borussia Dortmund side, reaching the third place in the Bundesliga and won qualifications for the Champions League. In spite of his five straight defeats, his managerial career didn’t end when he left Germany. Most people feature great expectations to him in rebuilding the team this summer, but no person could estimate the result.

Under the guidance of the new coach Niko Kovac, Bayern Munich always stay in a vulnerable status. Having fully grasped weakness of the opposition, Dortmund have reached the top among many Bundesliga football team. After 13 football games, over 10 points clear left many football teams behind in the division. The comparative edges fall on taking all opportunities rather than creating chances.

Generally speaking, they failed to take dominant position in many matches. Actually, the team have netted less than 56 shots and they just won one more goal than the last-place team. The German team ranked at the top of the league on the basis of tremendous finishes. The accuracy of netting goals depended on the Spanish football player loaned from Barcelona.

Although he was not a footballer of starting line-up, he left the bench and netted goals for the German side. As of the first day of December, Paco Alcácer won his ninth goal as a substitute, which broke the Dundesliga record in a season. No goalkeeper could intercept his goal so far. As long as he kicked the football to a target, it will get in. In the season, Maximilian Philipp has led the line in six football matches, but he mainly played from the left side in the last season.

The reason why Favire unwilling to pick him as a goalscorer lies in concerns about his fitness in the past, because he has accustomed to the last tow-year bench warming life. Perhaps the coach will hold the same attitude that he will not suitable to following matches.

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