A Hat Designer—Rachel Trevor-Morgan

Rachel Trevor-Morgan, a British hat designer, is best known for the hats she creates for the Queen. She has been thriving in London doing what she loves best—designing beautiful headwear since 1990. In 2014, she was granted a Royal Warrant to design hats for Her Majesty The Queen. Her hats can be seen at the Royal Ascot and other elegant events.

Rachel Trevor-Morgan was born in Stourbridge, West Midlands. When she was a child, Rachel loved seeing her mother wear hats to church. At the age of 19, she moved to London in order to learn how to be a milliner. Rachel learned from two of London’s most celebrated milliners including Graham Smith who taught her how to get the hat right and Philip Somerville who taught her about “people relations”. She regards Smith as her “mentor” because he can give her good advice when she needs.

On a normal day in 2006, Rachel, who was busy in the studio, received a call. It was Angelina Kelly, the Queen’s clothing assistant. “She said her name on the phone which made me shocked.” Rachel said. What she did not expect was that Kelly came to her studio just a few minutes later, because after Frederick Fox retired, the Queen needed urgently a new designer. Before that, she only met Kelly once. Maybe it was because of a recommendation of a designer who worked with Rachel that Rachel was able to catch Kelly’s attention.

“She looked seriously in my showroom and talked to me. Then she asked me if I was interested in making hats for the Queen. Of course I was.” In the following days, Rachel painted six designs and sent them to the palace. These design drawings were personally checked by the Queen. Since then, His Majesty Queen became the most important guest of Rachel’s career. and brought her the honor of the guests.

She was not told in advance that the Queen would wear the hat she was asked to design to attend her 80th birthday celebration. “But because this occasion was my first stage to show my design, I though it must be very important. Even if you didn’t believe it would happen until you saw your hat on TV that was worn by the Queen walking out of the car.”

Rachel also entered into Buckingham Palace and waited for the Queen when she was trying on the hat she designed. Rachel’s first meet with the Queen was different with her predecessor, Frederick Fox. No one told her various requirements. In addition to being a bit nervous, she remembered that the Queen was easy-going and it was a very happy and low-key conversation.

Like all her guests, comfort is also the most important for the Queen. She said:“The hat can’t be too heavy because she’s going to stay outside for a long time. She can’t always care about her hat. She wants to focus on what she’s doing…”

Although the Queen is 92 years old, the old lady is still fashionable. Girls who want to be fashionable too can learn from the stylish lady. I will recommend you a beret hat  which is suitable for everyone. You can have a try.

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